How do I send a private message to another user?

For mIRC Script Users:

1. Double click on a user’s nick in the user list on the right side of your chat screen.

2. To close a private message right click on the name of the private message and select Close.

3. To close multiple private messages at once time type /close -m.



For Mobile App (BDCHAT App):User2 Icon

1. Select User icon at the top of the chat app screen on your device.

2. Select a user.

3. Select “Private Chat” option.




For Web Users (Light IRC):

1. Right click on the user’s nick from the list located on the right side of your chat screen.

2. Select the “Open a query” (private message)

A new screen will open and you can begin chatting.

All private conversations will be listed at the bottom of your chat screen.

To close a private conversation you can click on the x in the nick icon of the conversation you wish to close.